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Injured people need time to heal, find appropriate medical care, get back to work and begin moving forward - they should not also have to undertake the burdens of fighting with insurance companies for justice. That is where Maggie Jo steps in; to undertake legal matters so clients can heal.


If you are injured in a car accident by a bad driver, or otherwise injured due to another's careless, negligent or intentional injurious behavior, Maggie Jo is happy to fight for you as you focus on healing. has reported that having a lawyer can significantly improve case outcomes. Maggie Jo's top advice for potential personal injury clients: 1) get a lawyer A.S.A.P. after a personal injury incident; 2) do not talk to insurance companies without a lawyer; 3) do not accept the first offer nor negotiate pro se; 4) do not give recorded statements without legal guidance; 5) do not sign anything without counsel; 6) keep a journal about how you are feeling including your medications, physicians, bills, treatment dates and related matters; 7) follow your attorneys' advice throughout your case; 8) save and backup photographs of incidents and injuries to share with your lawyer; 9) share notes, videos, photographs, witnesses statements, new evidence, correspondence and relevant case information with your lawyer; and 10) be patient because you only have one bite at the apple but be mindful of statutes of limitations that may bar you from bringing a case if you wait too long to fight. Maggie Jo fights for clients' medical care, lost wages, PIP, bodily injury and other insurance benefits. CLICK: Click here to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation. Please complete an intake form and Maggie Jo will be in touch shortly.

Maggie Jo Hilliard, Esq. has been guiding individuals, families, businesses + government offices with legal counsel since 2006. Averaging a trial-per-year, Maggie Jo has litigated in federal, state and administrative settings in Florida and Kentucky. She is also a graphic designer and business development coach that guides solo entrepreneurs, partnerships, corporations, limited liability entities, political entities and non-profits to transact, merge, dissolve, market, finance, litigate, design, communicate and operate effectively in an ever-changing modern and technical environment.



The Beaches Attorney Legal Boutique is here to provide relevant + understandable guidance in a complicated legal world so that you may steer your case, business + family in the optimal direction. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service, thorough client education and guidance, quality legal counsel and tailored advice for clients' unique circumstances.



Maggie Jo has been a zealous victim advocate since beginning her legal career as a Florida Assistant State Attorney (2005 - 2007). Today, she continues to advocate for equal justice on behalf of innocent victims in the private sector, providing perspectives from civil and criminal experiences, in both Kentucky and Florida.  


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